3M VHB 4941 used on Bathroom accessories

3M VHB4941 Popular Used on Bathroom accessories 

Now Adhesive sticker instead of the screws which used on Bathroom accessories,such as shower shelf,paper holder and towel holder and hooks and so on.It can protect wall very well.But Which sticker is more better,We export many bathroom accessory to Europe and recommend 3M VHB 4941.Why? Let us learn more about it.

3M4941 is a VHB substrate double-sided tape in 3M double-sided tape

3M tape product features:

3M4941 is a VHB-based double-sided tape in the 3M double-sided tape; 3M4941 has super tack, good UV resistance, good solvent resistance, softness, and good conformability. 3M4941 has high tensile strength, cutting Shear strength, can be used to replace traditional fixing methods such as screws, rivets, spot welding, etc., fixed with 3M4941 double-sided tape can make the surface of the product smoother, more beautiful, easier to operate, better sealed, more durable, and disassembled. It is very convenient to install. The bonding strength of 3M4941 increases with the increase of the contact area between the adhesive and the surface to be adhered. Applying a stable pressure will help the adhesive and the surface to be adhered, thereby increasing the bonding strength.

To achieve the best bonding effect, the bonding surface must be clean and dry. The best temperature range for tape application is 21-38℃. It is recommended that if the initial bonding temperature is lower than 10℃, it is not suitable for bonding. The adhesive at the time is too hard to be firmly bonded to the object; however, if it has been bonded, the holding power at low temperatures is also satisfactory.

3M4941 product application: Double-sided tape meets ROHS regulations in terms of environmental protection. It is widely used in the bonding of air conditioners, office furniture, and communication products. It can replace traditional fixing methods such as screws and rivets, thereby improving product aesthetics.

3M tape product structure:

3m foam tape structure diagram

3M tape product specifications and physical properties:

How to use 3M tape correctly [Precautions]:

1. The bond strength depends on the contact amount of the adhesive to the surface. The pressure during enterprise application helps to develop better bonding effects and improve bonding strength.

2. In order to achieve the best bonding effect, the bonding surface must be clean and dry. When the adhesive tape is bonded to the bonding surface, please use the roller to apply a pressure of 2.0kg/cm2 or more, and the bonding time is 3-5 seconds to make it After effective bonding, the best bonding effect can be achieved after placing it for more than 24 hours.

3. The ideal tape application temperature range is 70°F to 100°F (21°C to 38°C). The initial tape applied to the surface at temperatures below 50°F (10°C) is not recommended. Because the adhesive becomes too strong. However, once applied correctly, the low temperature retention is basically satisfactory.

4. The best storage conditions and use environment: temperature 15-28℃, humidity 40%-70%.

So it is very good succedaneum,if you have more question,welcome to contact us.

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