YCBD 2021 Delay

Yiwu Kitchen bathroom Facilities Exhibition Delay

According to the Covid-19,The Exhibition delay to 12th Oct. to 14th Oct.

※ Scope of notification

◆ Fine ceramics: all kinds of ceramic wall and floor tiles, fancy waist tiles, exterior wall tiles, square tiles, mosaics, glass, metal and composite materials; various ceramic production materials, color glaze materials, chemical raw materials, mold materials, ceramic equipment production And tools, etc.;

◆ Integrated kitchen, facilities and accessories: integrated kitchen, integrated kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinet door panels, countertops of various materials, artificial stone countertops, microcrystalline stone slabs, fireproof panels, kitchen kitchens, kitchen sinks, cabinets and kitchen slides, walls Panel cabinets, partitions, hanging hinges, accessories, various gas stoves, water heaters, cigarette smoke, closets and household water purification equipment, kitchen and kitchen equipment appliances, kitchen equipment, stove series, stove products, scrubbing equipment series, fan Water treatment products, disinfection cabinets and small kitchen appliances, etc.;

◆ Sanitary ware, bathroom accessories: sanitary ware, connected shower, leisure and health, computer steam bath, whole room, remote control, sofa, bathroom, bathroom, toilet, bathroom facilities, bathroom, bathroom facilities, bathroom facilities, sink Facial washers, body devices, sensors, hand dryers, bath mirror hangers, bathroom cabinets, sanitary fittings, plumbing hardware; various faucets, various, steam, hook nozzles, water pipes, drain pipes, water purification equipment, garbage disposal Equipment; various hooks and related equipment such as dressing table bath heater, exhaust fan, camera, makeup mirror, etc.


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